Digital Literacy & ignorance 1

I am delivering a talk today at the Digital University Network of the SRHE (the Society for Research into Higher Education). I’ve been a co-convener of the Network since 2015 and I always enjoy the events. they’re usually small-scale events, friendly, and we attempt to bring in people from all areas of the academy to discuss issues about the ‘Digital University’. I have an event planned at Queen’s University Belfast planned for 16th Feb 2018.

It’s one of the most interesting and enjoyable parts of my work.

For this event, I decided to focus on a combination of issues that I have been thinking about, and have written about. Those issues being digital literacy and ignorance.

The ideas build upon Chapter 7 of my book (Curation as digital literacy practice), and a recently submitted chapter in the International Encyclopaedia of Media Literacy. Both of these chapters discuss the idea of curation in digital literacy and knowledge creation and discernment.

In order to connect the above issues with ignorance, I have teamed up with fellow academic at Queen’s University Belfast, Dr Alison MacKenzie. Alison specialises in philosophy, injustice and inequality. Her insights will be vital to how I am attempting to make these connections in my current work. I will post the new chapter for the International Encyclopaedia of Media Literacy very soon, but for now these are the slides for my and Alison’s talk at the SRHE:


peace wall belfast

peace wall belfast © ibrar bhatt

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