Projects & research

How connected are students to campus technologies and official learning spaces? A study of digital literacies in Higher Education (SRHE funded)

This is a project funded by the Society for Research into Higher Education as part of their Annual Research Awards. It is a cross-disciplinary and inter-institutional study of the digital literacy in Higher Education.

A study of digital literacies in Higher Education (funded by Queen’s University Belfast)

This is a Faculty Research Initiative Fund to carry out a pilot study of the digital literacy practices of undergraduate students at Queen’s University Belfast.

CAQDAS and research practices: researchers’ experiences of the agency of qualitative data analysis software in explorations of science, technology and mobility (Lancaster University ECSGS funded)

This is a grant to carry out research into how qualitative data analysis software shapes the researchers’ processes and  analyses.

The Dynamics of Knowledge Creation – Academics’ Writing (ESRC funded)

This research focuses on the changing nature of academic work, and how knowledge is produced, shaped and distributed through it. Writing of many different kinds is central to this endeavour.

PhD study (ESRC funded, University of Leeds, Jan 2011 – Nov 2014)

More details are available through my academic profile and video abstract post.

Queering ESOL: Towards a cultural politics of LGBT issues in the ESOL classroom (University of Leeds, Jan 2014 – Nov 2014)

This ESRC funded initiative explores and problematises the challenges faced by ESOL practitioners in understanding how LGBT characteristics, as outlined in the 2010 Equality Act (specifically sexual orientation, civil partnership status and gender reassignment), can be addressed in ESOL contexts.

PRES follow up project (University of Leeds, Summer 2012)

An exploration of postgraduate research students’ experiences and perceptions of the research climate at the School of Education (University of Leeds): a focused qualitative study in response to the Postgraduate Research Experience Survey

The methodology employed was that of “virtual focus groups”, recruiting participants previously unreachable for such research activity.

Presented at the Digital Methods in Mainstream Methodology event.

Workforce Engagement In Lifelong Learning (University of Bradford, Apr 2009 – Mar 2011)

The Workforce Engagement in Lifelong Learning (WELL) project was funded by the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) and sought to develop, implement and evaluate a model for module/unit delivery and assessment that meets the needs of employers, learners and Universities.

The project poster with model schematic is available here.

Work-based Learning Maturity Toolkit (University of Bradford, Jan 2011 – Mar 2011)

More details at

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