Digital Literacies

‘Under the hood’ of assignments: talk at Lancaster University

It was a pleasure to present and talk about my research at the Literacy Research Discussion Group (Lancaster University) yesterday. The following is my Prezi for the session:

Also available here:

The discussion concerned the methods, practices, and processes that are drawn into the production of curricular assignments in the classroom. Using sociomateriality as an ontology, and actor-network theory, we can get an idea of how the social order of realities such as ‘the classroom’, ‘the lesson’, ‘the assignment’ etc. are all held together by social and material actors’ practices, rules, and processes. A kind of archaeology of practices with digital literacy that give the assignments their shape and character – how they got written.

A deep and detailed account of learner practices with technology is vital to ascertaining if learners have embraced a suite of institutional technologies in the way that ICT implementers and educational policy makers want them to. Surveying learning landscapes and actual digital practices of learning then makes for ideal foundational knowledge to inform digital learning policies and ICT ‘good practice’ guides that teachers and learners have to abide by. In this way, and echoing the LfLFE project, fashioning curricular norms with the digital practices of learners’ life worlds is a fruitful basis for educational success.

The following are some Tweets from the day, which encapsulate aspects of the discussion:

Thessaloniki © Ibrar Bhatt

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