PhD Reflections

Leeds Theory Group

Join the Leeds University Theory Group:

The University of Leeds Theory Group is an inclusive theory reading group. As this group is based in the School of Education, we start with the interest to those in the School, students, and academic staff, in order to identify theoretical perspectives for discussion. We invite people from across the university (and beyond if we are so lucky) with similar interests in discussing theory to join us at our meetings. The meetings are usually held monthly and will take place at the University of Leeds campus. We will also try promote sessions via a synchronous Web-meeting platform, for externals and distance-learners, when this is feasible and practicable.
Readings are usually suggested by attendees and will be accessible through the Library or copies distributed upon request.  The group has read and discussed activity theory, sociocultural identity theories and Actor Network Theory. We welcome suggestions for future theoretical perspectives and also specific readings to bring to the group for discussion.

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