“Gaelic Digital Literacies in a Bilingual Community”

This is soillse2frontfascinating small-scale project which explores the digital literacy practices of a Gaelic speaking community in Uist, an island of the Outer Hebrides in Scotland.

This research is very informative and highly relevant to those studying a) the charachter of literacy practices in digital environments, and b) sites of multilingualism and community-lead language revitalisation. It follows the development of the users’ own generated content through “new communicative channels” whilst using digital media bilingually.

The title of the report is “Gaelic Digital Literacies in a Bilingual Community: a Sampling of Practices and Preferences”, and it is now freely available online here, or through the Soillse site, and the Guthan nan Eilean Research page. It is also blogged about here. The lead researcher is Gordon Wells.

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