Digital Literacies

New paper on ‘Diving Deep into Digital Literacies’

I am pleased to announce a new publication out in the Taylor & Francis journal ‘Language and Education’. This is the third installment of a series of my Literacy-focused methods-related research papers. I have discussed the other papers in previous posts here (journal of Research in Learning Technology) and here (Palgrave chapter on Digital Methods) in which I have written about emerging digital methods for literacy research from different perspectives.The paper is of use to those interested in the developing discussion on digital methods in the Social Sciences, Literacy Studies, and digital literacy theory. I am happy to send an author version for those unable to access the pay-walled journal version:

It is available at the following permanent link:

From the abstract:

We deal with the issue of adopting new digital methods for literacy research through the notion of a ‘deep dive’ to explore educational tasks in classrooms. Through a discussion of how we approached the capture and analysis of our data, we present methods to better understand digital literacies in education. We then outline challenges posed by our methods, how they can be used more broadly for researching interaction in digital environments, and how they augment transdisciplinary debates and trends in research methods.

whirling dervish © ibrar bhatt

Mevleviye © ibrar bhatt

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