Beyond A4, part 1

I enjoyed presenting and listening to the insights of others today at the White Rose Doctoral Training Centre’s Fourth Annual Spring Conference on ‘Getting Published’. My Prezi for the session is below:

The direct link to the Prezi is here:


Some tweets were sent out using the hashtag #BeyondA4 specifically for the session and on the regular conference hashtag of #WRSSDTC. Tweets are still ongoing, and here are some key ones from me and others (some of whom were not present at the event) which capture and further develop some of the ideas we discussed.





The keynotes on the day were well connected to each other, and I highly recommend the other speakers’ talks which may be accessible via the White Rose DTC website.

In a later post (Beyond A4, part 2) I will upload an article which constitutes a ‘working paper’ on this topic.

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