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Some reflections on the theory group session on Bakhtin and Vygotsky…

University of Leeds Theory Group

I chose the article about ‘dialectic versus dialogic’ by R. Wegerif because I like to combine ideas of both Bakhtin and Vygotsky and worry that this article is saying it conflicts ontologically to do so.
I realised that I have been using Wertsch’s idea about learning being dialogue with ‘voices’ and had lost track of where this idea had come from. His book Voices of the Mind had been the first book on sociocultural theory I read and I realised that I had internalised and appropriated his ideas and forgotten where I got them.

My biggest concern is with Wegerif’s critique that Wertsch’s approach is ontologically problematic and not appropriate to combine, one is modernist and the other postmodernist. He focuses on the concepts of dialect and dialogic as the main dividers between the two theories.

We discussed the possibility that Vygotsky’s and Bakhtin’s ideas are addressing different aspects of…

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