Digital Literacies

Sheffield session tweets

Whilst messing with Storify, I realised that I cannot get it to ‘speak to’ my blog. So until I have figured it, or moved to, I will have to mess with Storify and then re-collate, or re-curate, the relevant tweets using the embed codes in a post.

Here is the link to the Storify:

And the individual tweets (thanks to @KatePahl for tweeting during):

Storify is pretty neat, and I’m going to use it more extensively, not least because I’ve been mulling alternative and complementary means of academic publishing and message dissemination. Bite-sized, aphoristic at times, and snippets of thoughts, this seems to me like a nice way of going ‘beyond A4’ in academic writing as ideas can ‘collide’ in a kind of collective reflective process.

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