Digital Literacies

Reflections on research into digital learning – lecture at BURCH University (Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herz.)

The following is the Prezi for my session at BURCH International University on Thursday 9th October 2014.

Also available here:

In this lecture, I talked about how research into digital learning and literacies can sometimes be characterised by hype, the kind of hype that reflects how we talk about new technologies when they emerge. I discussed how a focus on the mundane practices of digital technology, and the kinds of new societies which emerge through their use, should be a useful source of inquiry, especially as educationalists seek to understand digital practices and then harness them for pedagogic purposes.

This is also reflected in some of the tweets which went out during and after the talk:

I really enjoyed the vibrant and hospitable surroundings of the University and look forward to visiting again. Flickr pics are on the side bar 🙂

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