Article in The Conversation

This is my article in The Conversation, published on July 24 2015:

It is my first media piece where I have discussed my research and some of my findings. The comments below the article are also interesting. I was concerned that some people may allow the title (which is a bit provocative), to adversely influence my overall message. Translating concepts emerging from academic research into a journalistic style of writing can be tricky, but my reflections are based on my research aims, which are quite simple:

  1. To ethnographically uncover the digital literacy practices that are usually beyond the sight of teachers and researchers
  2. To understand these practices, and theorise the role they play in traditional educational tasks
  3. To suggest ways that they can be harnessed for pedagogical improvement

I am not advocating technological gimmickry for the sake of it, nor am I saying that hunting for facts online replaces (or equates to) deep learning and inquiry. But as we continually gather data on students’ classroom behaviour, how they have nurtured practices of digital content curation (and other skills) in their social lives and personal learning are a useful basis for education, especially as we increasingly try to employ digital media for education.

Graduation Leeds © ibrar bhatt

Graduation Leeds © ibrar bhatt

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