Some updates from recent activities

Advisory group
I recently got back from a trip to South Africa where I was part of an advisory committee drawing out concepts of ‘Digital Education Leadership’. The project is commissioned by the Commonwealth of Learning as part of their Commonwealth Digital Education Leadership Training in Action (C-DELTA) programme.

Working with a sterling group of people from across the globe (and excellent hosts), we set out a plan for a curriculum framework for prospective digital education leaders, one which speaks to the needs of educational institutions, broader civil society organisations, and governments.

The framework is one which is central to how we understand digital literacies, and how they emerge in the social practices of particular contexts. The leadership aspect is central to how digital technologies can be harnessed to help people transcend poverty and other barriers, to become a driving force in lives.

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Impact events
I enjoyed presenting with my project team at the Universities of Manchester, Central Lancashire, and Lancaster last month. These were ‘impact’ and dissemination events for the Dynamics of Knowledge Creation project that I am working on. The events were called ‘Getting Writing Done’, and focussed on the challenges now arising from changes in how higher education is managed, funded and evaluated. There was a lot of useful discussion around the issue of how academics make choices on a day to day basis about the writing they do, especially in dealing with new and high pressure environments. I will also be delivering a more detailed version of this at the University of Manchester’s Academic Careers Day.

I have written another methods-related paper. This paper, entitled ‘Classroom digital literacies as interactional accomplishments’, is a detailed and step-by-step account of my research methods during my study of assignment writing and digital literacy. It will appear as a chapter in the forthcoming book published by Peter Lang, Researching New Literacies: Design, Theory, and Data in Sociocultural Investigation. Please contact me if you would like an author’s version of this publication.

Dr Steve Wright and I have a publication in the proceedings of the Networked Learning Conference (2016). It is based on the ‘CAQDAS and research practices in STS and Mobilities’ project funded  by ECSGS. The purpose of the paper, and focus of the project, is to argue for a deeper way to acknowledge how qualitative data analysis softwares shape research outputs and lead a researcher down a certain path. Contained within these software packages are a multitude of ‘actors’ that must be contended with. The paper is available here.

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