Commentary piece & Call for Papers on ‘Lies, BS & fake news’

I have co-written a Commentary piece for the new journal Postdigital Science & Education (Springer) entitled Lies, bullshit & fake news online: Some epistemological concerns (see link). The article is a brief commentary on some ideas that my co-writer Alison MacKenzie and I have been discussing in relation to another piece we wrote on ignorance in digital spaces. We decided to take advantage of PDSE’s new Commentary forum which is useful sounding board for such ideas in progress and think pieces.

Both articles have, together, now stimulated interest in a Special Issue of PDSE which Alison MacKenzie and I will be editing. Link to Call for Papers.

For this special issue we are looking for papers from across a range of disciplines that focus on questions and conceptions of:

  • Lies, fakery and bullshit in modern social media
  • Epistemic trust and authority online
  • Epistemologies of ignorance – how these are created, produced and sustained
  • The role of digital and information literacies, and linguistic framing
  • The role of platforms in the dissemination of fake news, hoaxes and misinformation
  • The role of education and online platforms in addressing these issues and improving the health of public conversations.


near annalong | ibrar bhatt

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