Curation & Media Literacy

Some background to my new published chapter:

I have recently been developing some of the ideas around the notion of ‘Curation’ which I  first began to examine in Chapter 7 of my book. During the research for the book, I found that prominent among the students’ methodologies and strategies during assignment writing was what what I described as curation as digital literacy practice. This is a dynamic term, described in more detail in the chapter, and is characterised by the students’ judicious and purposeful assimilation, aggregation, and harnessing of digital content in order to produce something new – it navigated the course of much of their curricular writing.

In my endeavour to develop this idea further, I have written a chapter for the The International Encyclopedia of Media Literacy (2019) edited by Renee Hobbs and Paul Mihailidis, and published by Wiley-Blackwell.

In the chapter, co-written with Sadia Khan, we outline what we hope is a more rounded view of Curation, and one that is useful for those within the fields of media literacy, library and information studies, and digital literacy.

The chapter is openly available online here:

near annalong | ibrar bhatt

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