Plenary panel at SRHE conference 2019 on ‘Preparing critical students for the post-truth era’

This is an online recording of the plenary panel that I was a part of the the Annual Conference of the Society for Research into Higher Education.

The keynote panel was on ‘Preparing critical students for the post-truth era – key research questions’ and featured Neil Harrison (University of Oxford), myself (Queen’s University Belfast), Elizabeth Hauke (Imperial College London), Foluke Adebisi (University of Bristol), and Kathy Luckett (University of Cape Town). 

Each contribution offered a different perspective on the role of higher education – and the university as an institution – in an increasingly complex informational ecosystem. My part is below and focusses on the consequences new media has on collective and individual epistemic practices in the lives of everyday users of technology.

Keynote panel SRHE 2019. You can watch a version of this recording with Chinese subtitles here:

Further details are available here:

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