Year in review (2017)


I am now a year into a lectureship at Queen’s University Belfast. This role has meant that I have not had the time to write updates on this blog as I have been busy focussing on a new location and new institution.

The change and new role has been fun (e.g. new friends and colleagues), interesting (e.g. developing new courses), and slightly challenging (e.g. new admin processes and bureaucracy!).

I am Lecturer in Education and my immediate responsibility is with the MSc TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). I am convening two modules: i) Language Assessment, ii) Digital Literacy & Communication, and much of my time is spent developing the concepts and resources for these two modules, as well some writing when I can squeeze it in.

But unfortunately, the disciplined habit of writing and reading which I had during my PhD years has waned in this first year. Most of my reading has been teaching-related, and most of my writing has been for small conference papers, lectures, and grant proposals. I have a couple of big writing projects to work on now so I’ll be back in the groove soon. And there is also the PG Cert in Higher Education that needs completing.

New book

In addition to a new publication coming out soon, I am really excited about the publication of my book with Routledge earlier this year. The book, ‘Assignments as Controversies’ is a research monograph based on a study of digital literacy and writing in classrooms. It builds on and further develops the ideas contained in my PhD and I am pleased to see it all together in book form. Unfortunately the way some of the academic publishers work is that they produce the book in hardback primarily for institutional libraries (hence the cost of the HB), and then in a more affordable paperback form after around 18 months.

Here is a recent review of the book by Frances Bell, on the ALT website:


I am thrilled to have been awarded the Annual Research Award of the SRHE (the Society for Research into Higher Education) for a project which examines digital literacy and writing across university disciplinary contexts.

I have organised a one-day event hosted by Queen’s University Belfast and supported by the Society for Research into Higher Education. The event is on ‘The Digital University, Social Justice and the ‘public good’’. This one-day event is a space for dialogue on social justice, the ‘public good’ and the imperatives and priorities of ‘digital learning’ in HE. It brings together scholars from across a range of standpoints and disciplines to interrogate a dominant narrative around digital citizenship, digital literacy, and open learning, and argue about what these concepts might mean when (re-)framed as a project for social justice and the public good.

Read more and sign up here:

Grand Mosque of Bandung

Grand Mosque of Bandung | by ibrar bhatt

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