The Digital University, Social Justice and the ‘public good’

I am pleased to be organising a one-day seminar hosted by Queen’s University Belfast, and supported by the Society for Research into Higher Education.

Venue: Great Hall, Lanyon Building, Queen’s University Belfast, University Road, Belfast, BT7 1NN

This one-day event is a space for dialogue on social justice, the ‘public good’ and the imperatives and priorities of ‘digital learning’ in HE. It brings together scholars from across a range of standpoints and disciplines, who will each seek to interrogate a dominant narrative around digital citizenship, digital literacy, and open learning and argue about what these concepts might mean when (re-)framed as a project for social justice and the public good.

The speakers will critically reflect on the concrete challenges and material struggles that are faced with digitisation in the contemporary university – including over the raison d’être, cost, and accessibility of Higher Education. Topics to be discussed will include, but not be confined to:

i) New configurations of teacher-student relations in online undergraduate and postgraduate programmes

ii) Digitisation policies set against the context of austerity cuts and internationalisation

iii) Learning analytics

iv) The struggles for equality and justice in the Global South and North

More details of the programme and speakers are here:


Newcastle (Co Down) airshow

Airshow at Newcastle (Co Down) | by ibrar bhatt

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